Minimalist Lifestyle and Watercolour

I am a self proclaimed minimalist.

About 5 years ago I cheerfully decluttered a huge portion of my belongings, and following gurus like Marie Kondo, Joshua Becker and Francine Jay, began to curate a simpler life for myself.

Minimalism is about carefully curating your world and reducing anything that distracts you from leading your ideal life. As artists, our ideal life is one where we have the ability to create freely and openly. Where we can share our work with others and grow our creative practice without limits.

So what is distracting us from this purpose?


Does this sound familiar?

It is so much work to setup  my oil paints.  I can’t fit a kiln into my home.  My work table is already full from another project. My canvases are buried under more art supplies. I’m not sure where my sketchbooks are. I can’t afford Studio Space. 

This is why I believe Watercolour to be the perfect minimalist medium (second maybe only to pencil and paper). I have a travel painting kit that fits into a small makeup bag in my  purse. At any time, I can get out my paints and sketch with no search or set up. I complete most of my major work in a teeny tiny “home studio.” This studio is really just a small table in the corner of my bedroom and a small cart which contains all of my art supplies. That’s right – I am a practicing artist and all of my art supplies are contained in a small, three tiered cart like this one.

Watercolour allows me spend less time setting up and cleaning up, and more time creating. And to me, that is the key aspect of minimalism.

What is the minimum you need to be creative?

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

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