My Travel Watercolour Kit

IMG_6974As an artist, it is essential to take down whatever barriers are keeping you from painting. Creating a small travel kit is a perfect way to squeeze in a few minutes of painting or sketching on a busy day. How many times have you said, “I’d love to paint that, but I don’t have my supplies?”

I carry this travel kit with me in my purse everywhere I go and get a lot of questions about it. The kit itself is put in my Grandmother’s old make up bag. The thick smell of covergirl foundation has long since faded away, but I love the connection and it is the perfect size.

Here is a breakdown of my supplies:

Moleskin Notebook

I have heard many people complain about the quality of the paper, but for fast ink and wash sketches, I have never had a problem. I LOVE the size and shape of this notebook and have yet to find a similar book with such dimensions.

Koi Watercolour Brushes

These come in a few sizes and make sketching easy. They can be filled anywhere and I’ve even used lake or stream water in a pinch. They take a bit of getting used to, but they make it easy to sketch anywhere and are less awkward than using water and traditional brushes when you are on the go. Beware, I have had a few clog up – I believe its from the hard water in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Cotman Travel Watercolour Set

I’d love to have a fancy metal palette, but this one is my old faithful. It has a nice mixing area and 12 pans. Its a great beginner or travel palette and I suggest that you refill it with your preferred artist grade paints as you use it up. I have plans to completely change the colours I carry. I will post more on that later.

Waterproof Pens

Usually I just have one in my travel kit. In a pinch, a fine tipped sharpie will do. Just make sure its a waterproof pen so the ink doesn’t bleed all over your paper when you get it wet.


A Pencil, a Sharpener and a napkin. I use a resusable fabric one or stuff extra restaurant napkins in my bag while I’m out.

Whats in your Travel Kit?

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7 thoughts on “My Travel Watercolour Kit”

  1. Hi Candace. Sometimes I take a small kit only to find that I have brought too much and have to dig for what I want. Too many choices. I love how your kit is down to the bare essentials, ready to go at a moments notice with no fuss, with no choosing of which pen or what palette. Thank you for sharing your supplies!



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