Why do I paint flowers?

IMG_0344.JPGI found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” -Georgia O’Keefe

My style has become synonymous with moody etherial, light filled paintings of flowers.  I thought I would ruminate on why I chose this particular subject matter.

I have never really been a gardener or a flower lover. I don’t consider myself overly feminine or flowery. My wardrobe and home decor has nary a floral in sight. It quite honestly perplexes me as to why I am so drawn to paint flowers.

I have always felt that my paintings were more about light, colour and emotion than they were about flowers. Flowers in my art have been kind of a “vessel” to paint light and emotion. The details of the flowers aren’t overly important to me. I often simplify textures and details of the blooms, focussing only on light and colour. In fact, there have been countless times when I have mis-identified flowers, only to be corrected on social media. Recently, I wrongly called my “Rose of Sharon” painting “Hibiscus.”

When I analyze my paintings, during and after their completion, I find that somehow my florals always personify emotions. It is as if my floral paintings are windows to what is in my mind and heart. I draw flowers in groups, standing tall, reaching out, dancing and mourning. They encapsulate an entire range of human emotions.  I have been known to paint in very emotionally charged states of mind. I listen to music while I paint and I find that affects my paintings as well.

I have always felt that my paintings for that reason connect with people on a deeper level. I hope that my paintings are more than just “pretty flowers.” And I strive to continue to explore this.

I’m excited to teach Watercolour Florals at Homer Watson House and Gallery starting Monday.  If you are drawn to flowers too, I’d love you to join me! Check out their website for more information.

Daisies, Light, Summer, Florals, Watercolour
Reaching for the Light 9 x 12 Inches. Available for Sale

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