Working as an Art Teacher – Living my Dream!

Student Work from my First Introduction to Watercolour Class

My original life plan was to become a high school art teacher, but after finishing my Bachelor of Arts, I shirked teachers’ college to pursue a career in the corporate world. After four years of University, I wanted shake off some student debts and get a feel for working. Life took me in a giant circle, and after working a couple corporate jobs, getting my Heritage Resources Management Diploma and starting a family, I found myself starting a career as an artist and art teacher.

Three years later, I’m teaching two to times nights a week at Uptown Gallery, Homer Watson House and Gallery and various other locations. I teach adults and children and host a variety of beginners and advanced classes and workshops. Teaching is an important part of how I make a living as an artist, and honestly, I think I’m pretty good at it.

I never expected to enjoy teaching as much as I do. Like many artists, teaching began as a way to help fund my art practice, but it has evolved into a fulfilling part of my life and career. I come home from each class energized and inspired. I have met so many amazing people and I’m honoured to think I have helped them on their creative journey.

Look forward to teaching more classes!

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