What I learned painting 31 paintings in 31 Days

This past month for World Watercolour month I joined hundreds of watercolour artists in creating a daily painting practice, and sharing the daily paintings to social media.  This is a charitable program run and developed by Doodlewash which draws respected artists and painters of all levels worldwide. I knew participating would be a challenge, and… Continue reading What I learned painting 31 paintings in 31 Days

Book Review: Paint Yourself Calm.

 I recently picked up Jean Haine's "Paint Yourself Calm. Colourful, Creative Mindfulness through Watercolour.This is published by Search Press and is a lovely, full colour book by a renowned British painter known for her loose, vibrant style. It is beautifully written, like a conversation with an old friend.  In her book, Jean Haines gives gentle… Continue reading Book Review: Paint Yourself Calm.